10 Reasons to RESTFEST

Naomi Newland

Therapist & Inspirational events organiser

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10 Reasons to RESTFEST

18 Jul 2019 No Comment 371 Views

We need to tell you something, we need to explain a few things. I guess when you feel that the mission within is passion fueled and feels right, then all you can do is blog! REST FEST isn’t just another festival on the block, it has a purpose! We have put fingers to keyboard to share the ten strong values which inspire everything we curate to stage REST FEST – the blend of magical uplifting but restful vibes; REST – INSPIRE – JOY – EMPOWER 


  1. Equality 

Our celebration of imperfectly perfect multifaceted females regardless of age, size, shape, skin colour, number of followers, education, background, demographic, reproduction status or sexual choices. Everyone is equal at REST FEST. Judgement free and leaving labels and limits at the door of REST FEST. 


  1. Safe Space

We create a sanctuary for women to feel safe to explore female focused topics. Supported by the divine feminine to encourage women to speak their truth. This woman only space breaks down boundaries and allows for vulnerability. REST FEST creates an environment where those that identify as female do this in a healthy or vigorous way, holistically supported.


  1. Emotional Health Advocates

We know that what goes on in our minds is more important than what we look like. We wish to readdress balance between emotional/mental health and physical appearance. Don’t get us wrong – we love to look great but feeling it too takes us to a whole new level. 


  1. Proactive

The core purpose of REST FEST is to encourage busy women to pause. We strive to promote the importance of self-care and personal development. Time is our most valuable asset and by investing in REST FEST – we know women thrive. It is our birth right to lead a life that lights us up. We love sparking a sense of curiosity and nurturing new ways of looking at life. The REST FEST rebellion exists to be a beacon of inspiration – a portal to an event full of wisdom, wonder and wellbeing.


  1. Self-acceptance

RESTFEST campaigns for women to feel “Good Enough” exactly as they are. We avoid messages of telling women they aren’t enough. REST FEST supports women to live the most fulfilling life possible. Whilst also celebrating the wonderment of the one they already have. We encourage an anti-comparison mind-set (which takes work, we know!) to love the unique version for you. We shun the mirage of perfection. We encourage all to show up as their true selves. To be honest about their light and their dark, their ying and their yang – the uniquely #flawsome you.


  1. Escape the Comfort Zone

REST FEST is a celebration of stepping out of a place of familiarity. Trying new things, connecting with new people and absorbing new knowledge. In a fun and free way! There is also zero pressure as the experience of REST FEST is for the individual to flourish and bloom at their own pace and in their own way. 


  1. Conscious living

We choose to live without blinkers. Forever learning. Awareness always expanding. We aim to be mindful of our impact on each other and our community. Life happens through us, not to us. We challenge ignorance and encourage making educated choices with open minds.


  1. Opportunities

As we rise, we bring along our ever growing team with us too. We learn from others on their own journey and in turn we share opportunities and experiences with those seeking them. Collaboration over competition is a strong motto for us and we enjoy sharing the journey but most of all growth of those around us. REST FEST is an incredible place to connect to yourself, and with others that can enhance your feminine evolution.


  1. Authentic

We welcome feedback to continue to evolve and though we work tirelessly to curate an experience that covers our values we too are human and feel all the feels. We hope that by showing you our true selves we can promote that “if one woman can, any woman can” attitude. Our energy is genuine. Our intentions matter. Kind hearts, Fierce minds, Brave spirit.


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