8 reasons why RESTFEST is unique!

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Naomi Newland

Therapist & Inspirational events organiser

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8 reasons why RESTFEST is unique!

16 Feb 2020 No Comment 189 Views

Why is RESTFEST unique?

RESTFEST has been created to give busy women the opportunity to take some time to REST away from the demands of busy modern life. RESTFEST is a convenient one day fun filled festival format.

The 100% female focus creates a safe space for women to feel secure in trying new activities. We love watching our guests step out their comfort zone and try new things. This can lead to new hobbies, connections or an unexpected turn in the path to your future. It also gives the chance to explore women’s health topics that are more women-centric such as hormones, periods, pelvic floor, sex, peri/menopause and much more.

It’s a personalised experience. Imagine “Create your own adventure” in a woman’s playground. We’ve created a massive menu of 60 joyful, inspiring, restful and empowering activities. You pick and mix exactly what you need that day at that moment. Our timetable is even colour coded to help you be in the right place at the right time with the right people depending on your mood. You do not have to sit through a pre-organised schedule of speakers. There’s 10 zones running at once with a pop-up spa, wonderful shopping and zen zones too. Do as much or as little as you like! There’s something for every woman.

RESTFEST REALLY cares about your experience. We are a heart-led, soul driven events company headed up by a Hypnotherapist / Solution focused Psychotherapist whose mission it is for ALL women to live the most fulfilled, contented lives possible. Naomi wants women to take a proactive approach to looking after their emotional and mental wellness as a preventative measure to stress, burnout, anxiety, nervous exhaustion, overwhelm and other dis-ease. The answers really do lie in REST!

REST means different things to different women. Some find their minds calm when singing or dancing. Others need quiet space and closed eyes. Some love an invigorating thought provoking discussion that sparks a mind-opening conversation. That’s why we have a massive range of activities to help initiate a deep level of REST.

Impactful – RESTFEST’s number one intention is that it’s guests leave BUZZING! With a range of positive emotions. Hope, positivity, self appreciation, motivation, new life skills, happier and more connected to themselves.

Kind hearted, brave souled, friendly minded – RESTFEST is led and driven by our fast growing community who recognise that they want to connect with like-minded ladies in real life to share their experiences and find others who have similar interests and vision. RESTFEST is the kind of place where solo guests meet new friends and collaborations and authentic collectives are formed.

We are currently a convenient one-day festival in premium hotel locations. There’s no muddy fields, worry about the weather, porta-loos or camp sites. We hope this makes our day accessible for even the busiest of women whilst retaining all the freedom, frolics and festivities you find at traditional festivals. We run twice a year in March and October to mark the big seasonal energy shifts that occur at these times of year.

All your workshops are included in your ticket price!!! All you need extra cash for is your lunch. Plus optional extras available in our pop-up spa and wonderful shopping opportunities.

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