So excited to launch the official website of RESTFEST 2018.

Naomi Newland

Therapist & Inspirational events organiser

uflourish with Naomi

So excited to launch the official website of RESTFEST 2018.

31 May 2018 No Comment 449 Views

This is by far the most exciting thing I’ve ever had the privilege to shout about and what an amazing event to have pulled together.

I’m buzzing so much just typing this!

I been playing around with this idea for two years now but the time has never felt quite right.   I’m not even sure why I’ve changed my mind but I have a good feeling in my bones! I’m just doing it ‘cos it feels like now is the time!

Therefore, I’m super-mega-blooming-excited to announce the biggest ever RESTFEST.

Never heard of RESTIVAL? No, me neither!

It’s a word someone on my Facebook page made up when I was struggling to come up with the right name to combine a one day retreat and well-being festival designed especially for women.   I love it.  It’s so perfect and really conjures up the day that I’ve been busy curating.

uflourish really do have a dream-team line up.    These ladies have been a huge influence upon my wellbeing journey over the past few years – psychically, mentally and also gaining more understanding about my soul & spirit.      You really are in for a treat to have all this wisdom in one place.   The vibe is going to be so high ladies!

So phase one is announced – there’s a phase two waiting in the wings which depends entirely on ticket sales during June so please get your girl gang together and purchase your tickets for SATURDAY 6th OCT 2018 and this incredible experience.   It’s going to be held at Field Place Manor house within the Pavilion and Barn with their new beautiful outside garden area.

If you’d like to get you & your business involved, theres still time, just email for our business services pack.


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