All about super stylish Kim who’ll be hosting a Style + Colours workshop at RESTFEST

Naomi Newland

Therapist & Inspirational events organiser

uflourish with Naomi

All about super stylish Kim who’ll be hosting a Style + Colours workshop at RESTFEST

17 Aug 2018 No Comment 510 Views

Describe yourself in three words.




Three interesting facts about you that not everyone knows!

  1. I didn’t start out intending to go into hair and image – I started out wanting to write and have a degree in English Literature.
  2. I love cooking and have done cookery classes In Beijing and Thailand
  3. Everyone always thinks I’m super confident but I’m actually naturally very timid and nervous!

Who/What inspires you?

Barack Obama. Because what he achieved is so huge that it gives me perspective about the much smaller and more easily achievable goals that I have!

Where/How do you learn? I learn by seeing and doing for myself. Just being lectured to/at doesn’t really help, but seeing and doing makes it all make sense.

What’s the best thing about your current career choice?

1.The creativity it affords,

2.helping women to feel good about themselves,

3.the instant feedback you get from your client. You know they’re feeling confident, inspired and good about themselves when they beam at you, are full of fizz and walk out 2 inches taller than when they arrived!

What does your dream life look like?

Being able to afford a personal yoga teacher, Working 3 days a week, A big garden, peace, quiet and serenity, Having time and space to pursue creative hobbies.

What advice would you give to the you of 10 years ago?

You won’t meet mr right for ages so give up looking for now, don’t worry about it, and get on with doing something productive and invest in yourself! Change career sooner, and save the money you spent on clothes and shoes and eating out to give yourself a head start in your new life and career!! Don’t worry – it will all come good eventually!!

What are you most looking forward to about uflourish Restival?

Making contact with loads of ladies I would not necessarily come across in my usual daily life, and hopefully inspiring and being inspired by others!

Why should peeps come to your talk/workshop?

Because it’s about such a simple thing but it can make a huge difference in your life! And it’s fun!

How will ladies benefit from your workshop/talk?

They will learn about the different palettes and styles and how wearing different colours and styles of garment can improve their image and confidence!



What three things would make your perfect festival experience?

Lovely people, great feedback, lots of business!


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