Announcing our Gold Sponsor of RESTFEST

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Announcing our Gold Sponsor of RESTFEST

11 Feb 2019 No Comment 492 Views

Rest is something so vitally important to people’s wellbeing, it’s really quite shocking it is so woefully neglected in our modern society. When we heard about RestFest, we thought it was a wonderful idea to have a festival that focused on rest and rejuvenation for women who are such culprits of prioritising everyone else’s wellbeing over their own. It was a particularly good fit for The Float Spa because we offer both deep rest and REST (restricted environmental stimulation therapy) to help people find relief from pain and to enhance their wellbeing. That’s why we’re so thrilled to be Gold Sponsors of this event.

What is REST?

Restricted environmental stimulation therapy allows the mind and body to totally relax free from
any external stimulation or the ravages of gravity. By floating in skin temperature water saturated
with Epsom Salts, your body can totally relax with no strain on your joints or muscles and it almost
feels like you are floating on air. Floatation pods are designed to cut out all sound and light so your
mind can stop racing and take a break from stress. To help people ease into this state of a total lack
of stimulation, our pods have a light inside people can choose to leave on or turn off whenever they
choose and we play music or natural sounds for the first 15 minutes of the float to help people relax
into the experience.

The Benefits of REST

People use floatation for a wide range of reasons but the main benefits are relief from
musculoskeletal pain including fibromyalgia, relief from the effects of chronic stress, improved
mental health, reduced symptoms of PTSD, strengthened immune system and faster healing. The
body receives huge benefits from being able to relax away from the effects of gravity. Muscles relax
so blood flow improves and any trapped toxins get flushed out of the muscles. Joints and joint
tissues have the strain taken off them so can heal effectively and benefit from the improved blood
flow. Floating has been shown to reduce the stress hormones in your body to allow your mind to
relax while releasing ‘feel good’ hormones like dopamine and endorphins. Please see our website
for more information about how floating can do you so much good.

Why You Should Rest

Whether you choose to try REST or attend RestFest or just rest by taking time out of your day to
focus on your own wellbeing, it’s vitally important that you do take some time out. The effects of
stress are cumulative and can lead to burnout or even serious health problems. Prioritising your
own mental health by taking time out to tackle the effects of stress can be hugely beneficial. We
have even found that taking 15 minutes a day to calm your mind and take a break from stress can
dramatically improve mental health whether that is through meditation, yoga, floating, drawing,
gardening, chatting with a friend or any activity that allows your mind to relax.

We are delighted that an event like RestFest exists which allows women to come together and focus
on their own health and wellbeing for a change and are very pleased to be a part of it. If you would
like any more information about how we enhance wellbeing at The Float Spa, please call 01273 933 680. We look forward to seeing you all at RestFest.


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