How long are these prices valid for?

Super early bird pricing has now finished and we are operating on our middle pricing bracket.    These prices will be increasing on 1st of February 2019 to our standard full price.

Bronze – £55

Silver – £149

Gold – £265 

Do you offer group (discounted) tickets?

For every 10 tickets of any type bronze/silver/gold ordered – we’ll give you one of the same type for free.  Simply get your friends to order their (10) tickets on the same date and then email us with their names & ticket order date and we’ll give you a code for a free one.    uflourishteam@gmail.com

Can I upgrade my ticket?

If you have already purchased your ticket and would like to upgrade your experience to either Silver / Gold then yes we can help you do that.    The deadline for this is 1st March 2019.

Please email uflourishteam@gmail.com who will arrange payment to be made for additional cost to next level.

Is the schedule finalised?

The timetable is finalised but we are not responsible for any changes that may need to be made due to unforeseen circumstances.

Do you offer instalment plans?

Yes – we offer 3 monthly payments which must start during the month of December.

You can spread the cost of this ultimate investment in yourself and your future by scrolling down the subscriptions the menu of services at http://www.uflourish.co.uk/book_here

One payment will be taken at the time of booking and the following 2 payments will be debited from your payment card on the same date for the following two months.

Bronze – 3 x £20

Silver – 3 x £55

Gold – 3 x £95

Do you offer refunds on tickets?

No.   But tickets are transferable to an alternative name.   Please email us (uflourishteam@gmail.com) with any name changes so that we can ensure we stay in touch with the correct person.

Can my business get involved?

 Email uflourishteam@gmail.co.uk to see if we have any slots currently available.

Can I host a workshop?

The Restfest Spring – March 2019 timetable is finalised now.

We are in the planning stages of RESTFEST Autumn 2019 so we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to be considered for future productions of RESTFEST.

Email:- uflourishteam@gmail.com with full details and we’ll be in touch if it’s a good fit for us.    Make sure you tell us why we should include you in Restfest line-up.   We’ve been inundated with requests so please be patient in waiting for a response.

What time does event run?

We will be opening doors at 9.30am until 5.30pm.  With a secret after party for Gold VIP guests and our speakers.

Can I bring my child?

RESTFEST is aimed towards an audience of women.

Girls aged 13-17 may attend in the company of a family member / carer.

Babes in arms (non walking) babies are welcome on the agreement that if they are unsettled you move away from any talks/workshops/relaxation zones.   The grounds are large to take baby away for a walk.   Please note that we do not have any official baby facilities as we’d encourage you to take a break for the day and attend childfree if possible!   We know that’s not always realistic so we are prepared to flexible so that you can benefit from RESTFEST too.

We are considering launching some teen tickets for age 13-16 year old girls.   Some of the content might be “adult” so we’d ask you to judge your daughter’s maturity accordingly.

Please let us know if a teen (reduced price) ticket would be of interest to your daughter.   uflourishteam@gmail.com

Is the event just for mothers?

Absolutely definitely not.   We are celebrating all our perfectly imperfect selves at any stage of woman-hood.