Get the low down from Laura Coleman – Workshop Host Q&A

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Get the low down from Laura Coleman – Workshop Host Q&A

27 Jul 2019 No Comment 341 Views

Hey Laura! What will RESTFESTers learn or gain from hanging out with you on 6th of October?

Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated.  No matter what your meditation experience, whether you’re a fidgety sceptic or a seasoned meditator, you’ll gain some tips and tools to make it happen, no matter what your life looks like. The science is so clear that it’s the practice that counts and I love making it fun and accessible.


What’s your favourite takeaway (food) and why?

This may sound super boring but I LOVE beautiful salads.  You know the kind that have every colour of the rainbow and are full of fresh deliciousness.  


How do you ensure you prioritise joy in your life?

I can have a tendency to take life seriously if I’m not careful so I try and do something playful every day and give myself new challenges. Right now my daughter is trying to teach me how to nail a handstand – with lots of hilarious fails and falls!


How do you live an empowered life?

Being empowered to me means being able to choose the thoughts I have. One of the biggest revelations I ever had was that I am responsible for how I experience things and it starts with my thoughts.


What inspires you?

I’m constantly inspired by the many women I see who are putting themselves in the ring to share what they know and help other people to grow.  It’s a plus side of social media that people can be visible and you can be a cheer squad for each other.


How do you make sure you rest?

I used to be rubbish at self care if I’m honest. Like many women, I was always looking after everyone else. It took me a long time to learn how to do things differently. Now getting enough rest is a non-negotiable for me and everything flows better as a result.


What’s something you failed at?

I once failed a whole unit at University – it was a computer course and in the final exam (which was the entire grade!), I didn’t save my work properly so I scored zero! (so maybe don’t ask me if you need help with anything technical!)


What do you wish you knew when you first started your career? 

I wish I had known when I started my wellness journey that it’s ok to be imperfect. That I’m always doing the best I can and that it’s ok to still have more to learn – because I always will!


Thanks Laura, we can’t wait to share the magic of the day with you and all the Wellness Warriors attending xx


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