Manifest a ticket to RESTFEST

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Manifest a ticket to RESTFEST

03 Sep 2019 No Comment 560 Views

You want to come to RESTFEST but the purse strings are tight this month. The car needed new tyres or the kids new school shoes! Bills keep coming and a summer of fun/holibobs/the Mother in Laws birthday all adds up!

We know it’s nonstop and you’ve made sacrifice after sacrifice that’s meant spending out on RESTFEST is just impossible, right? Wrong!

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible‘!” —Audrey Hepburn

Well there you have it.. it is now time to remove the limitations and work on the solutions.

What do you need to do to afford the ticket to un-apologetically enjoy a magical day at RESTFEST?

Let’s start with the basics. Rein in the spending this month. Put £2 away each day this month and you already have the majority of a festival ticket and its only cost you the coffee shop brew you buy each day.

Next option is to look at the things around you that no longer serve you. What can be cashed in to get you closer to the price of a ticket to RESTFEST? That jacket that you never wear, the shoes you’ve hardly worn because they really hurt, or the kids old toys you bought that they’ve clearly outgrown? Sell it!

You don’t have to offer up your possessions. What skills do you have that can become services? Are you good with gardening, cooking or crafting? You don’t even have to charge, instead you can offer a skill swap to save money on something you may ordinarily have to fund. This way you are making a saving on what you would normally spend!

Finally consider gifting. It’s worth mentioning to your loved ones that RESTFEST is something you really want to experience. It is a day just for you AND it’s a day of growth and improved well-being that will last long into your future. A festival with purpose and the best early Christmas/ Birthday/Anniversary/Mother’s Day present EVER!

Set your intention to join us then show the universe you are serious by taking inspired actions towards your RESTFEST ticket! We can’t wait to hear your stories on how it happened for you!

Dream, Believe. Achieve !

See you there x


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