Manifest with the Moon

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Manifest with the Moon

17 Jul 2019 No Comment 382 Views

Did you get a glimpse of the beautiful moon last night? Have you made time to reflect, release and power up. Now’s your chance to take some moments… meditate, write or moon bathe!

We are so excited to have Yasmin Boland as one of our star speakers at RESTFEST and refer to her insight at @moonologydotcom via the gram. Yasmin’s work inspires our monthly full moon gatherings when in the UK but allow us to share some of her words here.

Are you ready to release anything and everything which is holding you back from achieving your true potential and fulfilling your life purpose?
The July Full Moon eclipse has your back!
It’s one of the most powerful moments of the year to release your emotional baggage so you can move into the future freely, with the kind of confidence and ease that will get you a long way and much closer to happiness.
This Full Moon has special features worth noting… 1. It’s taking place in Capricorn so it’s a REALLY good time to work on issues you with your professional life.
Full Moons are about moving on, so whether you’re moving on from a work disaster or things are great, draw a line under the past and get ready to start a new cycle professionally.

2. This Full Moon is also taking place at the time of Guru Purnima. From Wikipedia: Guru Purnima is a spiritual tradition in Indian religions dedicated to spiritual and academic teachers, who are evolved or enlightened humans, ready to share their wisdom, with very little or no monetary expectation, based on Karma Yoga. So think about your spiritual teachers and honour them!

3. The first alignment after the Full Moon is between Venus and Saturn. Venus is about love and abundance, and Saturn is about going the distance and making deals which stick.
So now is a very good time to recommit to a good relationship and if you’re striking a deal around this Full Moon, know that the cosmos is on your side.

Moon blessings to you all xx


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