Opening of My Sister’s House – Offical Charity Parnters

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Opening of My Sister’s House – Offical Charity Parnters

17 Aug 2019 No Comment 386 Views

There really wasn’t any indication when we embarked on the journey of RESTFEST that we would be meeting real life super heroes and mega movie stars, but yesterday we did both.

Actual Dame Julie Waters… I nearly died! Having watched the majority of her movies many of which had me laughing, crying and connecting with made the experience all that bit more special. We suggested she hung up her movie star shoes for the day and join us for a well deserved day off in October too. She was lovely, a bit of a crack to be honest, but most importantly so passionate about the work being done at the centre. As are we!

I also got a great big nourishing hug from the legend that is Julie Budge. This Julie is the lady behind the the mission of My Sister’s House. What a woman! Starting with a grassroots project in 2015 from her kitchen table she has now supported almost 900 women through difficult times. Having curated a phenomenal service of one-to-ones, workshops, mindful and creative sessions and family play and learn activities, we felt compelled to get involved.

RESTFEST has a mission aligned with Julie at the Women’s Centre. We are alike in that we provide services and accessibility for Women to explore avenues of support and emotional wellness. We believe when women support women magic happens. Safe spaces like My Sister’s House and RESTFEST can provide the stepping stones for women to find more happiness in their lives because as busy women, troubled or in crisis we tend to put others before ourselves. We are worthy, we are are ALL worthy of happiness.

You can find more information about My Sister’s House here.

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