Q & A with Anja Brierley Lange – Workshop Host

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Q & A with Anja Brierley Lange – Workshop Host

18 Aug 2019 No Comment 394 Views
We are so pleased to be welcoming Anja back to share her Experiential Aromatherapy Journey with you all in the Float Spa Being-Well Festival Tent. Let see what floats her boat…
What will RESTFESTers learn or gain from hanging out with you on 6th of October?
We will indulge our senses. Aromatherapy and essential oils are so powerful on so many levels – we will experience these powers by actually trying out different essential oils. But also learn why and how they work through our skin, by inhalation and on a physical, mental/emotional and energetic level.
What’s your favourite takeaway (food) and why?
I love Indian food. Vegetarian and preferably South Indian. It has so much taste, flavour and feels nourishing. And I have a love affair with anything Indian.
How do you ensure you prioritise joy in your life?
I take pleasure in the mundane. It gives me joy to be on the beach watching the colours of the sea, or seeing the flowers in gardens or parks.


How do you live an empowered life?
I am learning to truly connect to ME. To my roots, my energy and my truth. How? By stopping, being in my body and with my breath.
What inspires you?
Nature. And the beauty of nature. But also the connection with friends and honest authentic people. Having a group of supportive individuals is so important.


How do you make sure you rest?
Taking breaks, switching off the phone, being by the beach. I practise yoga, meditation and exercise. Massage makes me switch off too.
What’s something you failed at?
Hmm, probably a lot. Yet that’s all part of the journey, right?!


What do you wish you knew when you first started your career? 
Be yourself, don’t compare yourself and don’t play small. Live your truth (I’m still learning!)


What are you curious about right now?
My passion is womb wellness and I have just created a course on menstrual health and Ayurveda. Writing this course made me even more curious about our amazing physiology and anatomy. From a Western and Ayurvedic perspective. There is always more to research and explore… Always another layer…


What’s your number one passion?
As above. And continuing to practice my handstands (work in progress)!


 What’s your favourite read right now?
I have about 6 books on the go. I love reading. Always some kind of fiction, an inspirational book, business inspiration and something that inspires my passions of women’s health and ayurveda. Just finished Caitlin Moran’s How to be Famous which was brilliant. I love her writing.
What podcast/s do you love?
Inspirational podcasts, and those about herbs, women’s health and pelvic health.
Who makes you smile on their socials, newsletters or blogs?
I love Lotus Wei’s instagram and newsletters. They do flower essences and some beautiful floral ceremonies too. I like flowers and art.


Anything else you like to share with our RESTFESTers?
Being in a group of inspiring people with similar intentions will create transformation and magic. I can’t wait to be part of it. And share some aromatherapy magic and inspiration with you all.


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