Q & A with FEED Goddesses

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Q & A with FEED Goddesses

29 Aug 2019 No Comment 365 Views

We caught up with the Boss Ladies of FEED, Gemma and Sarah, to find out how their passion for food has shaped their lives.

What will RESTFESTers learn or gain from hanging out with you on 6thof October?

RESTFESTers who come to our workshop will learn what can cause hormone imbalances and how to balance hormones naturally with food. We will be sharing ideas and tips for how to do this through your diet, and asking you to get creative in the session. We will also share a simple method to balance your hormones around your monthly cycle, as well as offering free breakfast to kick start your day at RESTFEST!

What’s your favourite takeaway (food) and why?

When we don’t have the energy to cook on a Friday we may choose a Deliveroo or to eat out. Sarah lives in Bristol and her go to is sushi and Gemma is more likely to go for a treat to the St James in Kemp Town for a thai, she highly recommends the Laab which is a chicken spicy thai salad with loads of fresh herbs – yum!

How do you ensure you prioritise joy in your life?

We both ensure we take time out for ourselves. Sarah has had a really busy time lately finalising her nutritional therapy qualification, and Gemma is constantly juggling her full time job in London with a networking group and doing up a house in Brighton. We believe in scheduling time periodic moments of joy in your daily diary i.e. 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening.
We both like to make time for reading, listening to Podcasts, exercise and of course cooking from scratch which we both find a true joy and something we do every day! We love to experiment and get creative in the kitchen!

How do you live an empowered life?

We love working together on FEED and that empowers us in other areas of our lives. We find that spending time working on things we love really helps us feel inspired and positive every day. Meeting other inspiration women and hearing their stories gives us joy. We both take part in networking groups in Brison and Brighton, and when we host FEED workshop lunches we love meeting other like-minded women which in turn empowers us!

What inspires you?

We inspire each other! But we also find inspiration in other people we work with, RESTFEST really inspired us when we first experienced the event in March. The women who attended and the workshops which we took part in. We also get inspiration from chefs; Ottolenghi, Sabrina Ghayour, and Hugh Whittingstall. We love their recipes and use them for inspiration often for our workshop brunches and lunches.

The power of food ultimately empowers us, learning about specific nutrients which can help support and heal the body.

How do you make sure you rest?

We both love sleep and ensure we get to bed in good time. Incorporating a bed time routine is an essential part for ensuring hormone balance this can be as simple as switching our mobiles off, having an early dinner and trying not to eat later than 8pm, before sleep making time to read, disconnect from technology ideally for a minimum of an hour.

What’s something you failed at?

Another really hard one! We both failed our first driving test, Sarah passed on third, Gemma passed the second time! There’s been many occasions when we haven’t achieved to meet our expectations but we really believe that you only learn when you fail. We often fail to achieve personal goals around fitness, i.e. not exercising 3 times a week.

What do you wish you knew when you first started your career?

The more you learn, the least you know. Being aware that learning is a lifelong journey.

What are you curious about right now?

Gemma is curious to know more about her monthly cycle as she hasn’t explored this before or learnt about how it can affect moods, how you eat, behaviour, how you think.
Sarah is curious about the psychology of eating behaviours. She is interested in understanding how and why people choose the foods that they choose to help inform effective nutritional plans.

What’s your number one passion?

Food of course! We both are extremely passionate about ingredients which nourish us from the inside out. This passion is what brought us together to launch FEED. We are both advocates of the Riverford Farm weekly veg boxes too, which enable us to eat local, organic seasonal fruit and vegetables year round.

What’s your favourite read right now?

Gemma is loving a New Earth by Eckhart Tolle which is supported by a Podcast with Oprah.
Sarah is currently reading The Enneagram: Pathways to Happiness.

What podcast/s do you love?

Gemma is always listening to Project Love and Happy Place (Fearne Cotton).
Sarah’s is Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit.

Anything else you like to share with our RESTFESTers?

As of Autumn 2019 we will be launching a virtual on-line meal planning service.
Follow us to learn more about balancing hormones naturally with food in the run up to RESTFEST @wearefeed and on our blog wearefeed.com


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