Slay Your Inner Critic Using EFT (Tapping)

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Naomi Newland

Slay Your Inner Critic

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Slay Your Inner Critic Using EFT (Tapping)


Every woman knows that voice, don’t they?

That repetitive, loud inner bitch inside our heads.  That inner dialogue that’s like a permanent radio broadcast telling us why we aren’t good enough, who do we think we are? Reminding us of our failures, catastrophising all the “what ifs”…..

The truth is…. It exists within 99% of people on this planet.   Our inner critic is there to keep us safe.  To encourage you to play small and familiar.  Even the most successful people on the planet have this voice….. they’ve just learnt how to quieten it.

Within this interactive workshop, Naomi will explain how you can learn to turn the volume down and focus on what we really want without the voice getting in the way!

Naomi loves the power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to break down limiting beliefs – to wipe off the graffiti that’s been sprayed on your wall and give you a blank slate to start living a life that lights you up with your inner critic slayed and under control.

This experience will get you facing up to your excuses and ask you what your life would look like if your inner critic wasn’t holding you back.

Together we’ll break down your barriers to living life with no regrets and use a tapping circle to share the borrowed benefits of working together in a group.

Be prepared to let go of old ideas and step into a sparkly new way of looking at life.

It’s time to let go of whatever’s holding you back and start shining like the star within that’s bursting to shine if only you could dull down that inner critic and see it for what it truly is!

Are you ready to let go?