Art therapy – Body Mapping

Melanie Maelo

Body Mapping

Mel Maelo

Art therapy – Body Mapping


Your body map is your perception, understanding and experience of your own body. Sometimes we have a fairly accurate sense of our body map but what is your perception of your ‘body-mind’ and how it works? Body Mapping is a creative therapeutic process involving simple art relating to the body and emotions combined with expressive movement and EFT. During this session Mel will help you come to a deeper understanding of how the mind and body are one and should therefore be treated as such when addressing physical and/or emotional and mental needs or problems. What will you get out of it? a) Self-help for everyday problems using EFT b) A deeper understanding and clearer perception of why your body-mind responds and reacts the way it does to external/internal stimuli, helping you take more control of your own wellbeing