Body Mapping – Peri to Post Menopause

Melanie Maelo

Body Mapping

Mel Maelo

Body Mapping – Peri to Post Menopause


How can body mapping help you?

Hormone fluctuations and body image.

Your body image may be affected by the physical, emotional, and social changes of approaching menopause or just hormonal fluctuations in general. Menopause at an earlier age, sometimes caused by surgery or chemotherapy can have an even greater effect on self-perception. Taking steps to improve your health in any way will transform and enhance your sense of well-being and help create a more positive body image from peri-menopause through to post-menopause. Some women talk about losing control of the body they always thought they could control and rely on. Other women find greater confidence in who they are because they are less driven by worrying about whether their body is ‘perfect’ and enjoying ‘just being me’. Poor body image can drive stress, low-self-esteem, anxiety and even depression and impact our relationships with others.

This taster Body Mapping workshop will help you to begin addressing your body image and these emotional and mental factors. It will help you to start shifting your perception of how you are experiencing your body-mind through these hormonal changes in a fun yet reflective way.

Body Mapping is a creative therapeutic tool that brings together body and mind experience. In its basic form, it involves drawing a life-size representation of one’s body onto a large surface and using colors, pictures, symbols and words to represent experiences lived through the body-mind. Body mapping enables participants to (re-)discover their bodies as a source of strength and healing as well as gain a deeper understanding as to why their body-mind responds to stimuli the way it does.

The creation of the body maps takes place in a safe and confidential group setting and is interwoven with personal story telling, group discussions, guided visualisation, movement therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Please note that as this is a taster of the full workshop, EFT and group discussion are not included however, this will not detract from what is a powerfully insightful yet fun way to discover how wonderful your body actually is and will be an empowering and positive experience.