Harri Rose & Becky Young

Body Acceptance Coach

Anti Diet Riot Club



Anti Diet Riot Club & Harri Rose presents:


Feel like your boobs are too small, too big, wonky, too saggy, too scarred, too hairy, all nipple, no nipple? ‘NO WAY!’, we say. There is no right or wrong way to have boobs and their diversity and difference is what makes them so damn enjoyable. If you don’t believe us then come and explore your feelings with us in a special RESTFEST Boob Printing workshop. Come paint, print and celebrate the awesomeness of your breasts in a totally safe, non-sexual, supportive and creative environment.

Join Becky, Founder of Anti Diet Riot Club & Harri Rose a certified health coach specialising in unapologetic body acceptance for their short but fun workshop which they have taken to over 8 different festivals last summer. It’s basically like hand printing…but using your tits…and is way more fun, less awkward and more empowering than you imagine.

For this Restfest special, we’ll be bringing out the eco-glitter and pompoms to decorate our Spring Time tits and make them into gifts for friends & loved ones (probs not family, right?).

No body shaming.

Previous participants have been nervous but ended up loving it. We’ve had people who’ve had double masechtomies come and be topless for the first time in years and we even had one woman frame her print and give it as a gift to her husband on her wedding day!

We use standard poster paint, the majority of which comes off with wet wipes at the event or in the shower afterwards. This workshop is open to all womyn, female-identifying and non binary people who want to try printing their boobs! It will be a private event with no staff or photographers allowed in the space, as we try to make it as safe and welcoming as possible.