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Cheryl Rickman

Flourish Everyday

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Flourish Everyday


The ABC of Flourishing & Everyday Serenity

What if you were able to let go of the feeling that you’re not good enough and accept who you are, as you are?

What if you were able to find balance between doing more of what matters most, with what needs to be done?

In this ABC of Flourishing(TM) and Everyday Serenity workshop, Positive Psychology Practitioner and Author of The Happiness Bible, The Little Book of Resilience and The Little Book of Serenity, Cheryl Rickman teaches you how to flourish by bringing more Acceptance, Balance and Compassion into your daily life.

There’ll be singing and dancing, writing and drawing in this 3-part-workshop and participants will come away with an ‘I am good enough’ self-portrait and metaphorical lemonade ‘ingredients list’ with a difference.

Each participant will get to take home an empowering self-portrait and a nourishing lemonade ingredients list but they’ll also leave equipped with a toolbox of tools to help them flourish in their life. For example, they’ll know how to:
• Give themselves permission to be human and take their thoughts to court
• Accept their flaws, then re-frame and re-write the stories dictated by their ‘shitty committees’.
• Accept unhappiness by allowing their negative emotions to flow, knowing that everything counts.
• Boost their happiness by becoming delight detectives so they may find the good in each day, even the crappy ones (even if it’s just how NOT to respond next time).
• Replace ‘I’ve got to…’ with ‘I get to…’
• Gain instant calm by learning to comfort themselves using their bodies.
• Not just make lemonade but lean in to the suck first and then make the most nourishing lemonade possible.
• Savour more and cultivate an attitude of gratitude with one easy tool to take home.
• Schedule more of what matters most into their weeks and learn how to create a smile file.
• Love and honour themselves just the way they are
• Feel a deeper sense of unity and shared humanity.