Its Never Too Late To Create

Helen Rebello

Never Too Late To Create

Helen Robello

Its Never Too Late To Create


The modern world is a virtual playground – full of life-liberating gadgets, endless information, virtual realities at the touch of a button and a plethora of opportunities. Despite this instantly accessible abundance however, stress and anxiety levels are increasing and it’s become the norm to be overwhelmed and to simply survive, rather than thrive.

We have too much choice and it’s become hard to hear our own guidance amongst the noise. Having successfully progressed through the last half century to the point where we can have it all, we’re now realising we actually have too much.

In this nourishing workshop you will explore some simple but powerful ways to press pause, quieten the noise, get out of your head and reconnect to your heart, so that you can start directing your life from within. Expect love, laughter, levity and liberated life-force energy. No hustle required.