Kaleidoscope Defrazzle

Art workshop host

Georgie Kirwan-Ferreira

Defrazzle & Dazzle

Mellow Mumma

Kaleidoscope Defrazzle


If you fancy getting deep down expressive and instinctively creative with colour, texture and even a bit of sparkle, whilst also getting your groove on to some seriously deep and emotive musical goodness, then this beat-tastic, art therapy workshop is for you. This beautiful blend of abstract expression, mark making, mixed media exploration, subconscious emotional representation and musical mastery will leave you fizzing with energy, bursting full of creative excitement and revelling in a bright, vibrant and experimental explosion of joy! Come along and express yourself in a non judgemental, totally freestyling way, where no previous art and design experience, skill, knowledge or even technique is needed- all you need is an open mind, an enquiring soul and a love of multi sensory exploration!