Your Pleasure Matters

Lucy Rowett

Certified Sex Coach and Sexologist

Juice and Jasmine

Your Pleasure Matters


Your pleasure matters: How you can cultivate more pleasure to make your sex life amazing

How much pleasure do you allow yourself to feel on a day to day basis? Maybe you have a regular yoga practice, meditation practice or running practice, but do you have a regular pleasure practice? Pleasure is a lifestyle, the more you can allow yourself to enjoy and feel, the more alive you feel, which then helps you feel more ALIVE in bed! If your sex life has taken a hit, it’s time to scale back and find out where your source of PLEASURE is in your life!

Sexual energy is life force energy: when you feel sexually satisfied then this ripples out to the rest of your life and energizes you. Using breathing, Tantric techniques and the sex education you never got at school, you’ll leave the workshop wanting to jump into bed again.