Keeping the passion alive when you are exhausted

Lucy Rowett

Certified Sex Coach and Sexologist

Juice and Jasmine

Keeping the passion alive when you are exhausted


What do you do when you’ve come home after a long day at work, your kids are screaming and all you want to do is hit the pillow?

You can’t remember the last time you had really satisfying intimacy with your partner because you’re both too exhausted, and it’s becoming a real problem. You’re not the only one, and it’s fixable.

I’ll be teaching you the secrets to lasting passion, electric chemistry and orgasmic bliss so that sex gives you energy rather than something else you have to get done.

Sexual energy is life force energy: when you feel sexually satisfied then this ripples out to the rest of your life and energizes you. Using breathing, Tantric techniques and the sex education you never got at school, you’ll leave the workshop wanting to jump into bed again.