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Miracle Breath


Transformational breathwork is a simple yet incredible self empowering technique that releases stress in the mind and body. Bringing about a sense of clarity, connection and peace. Its origins are in the pranayama (lifeforce) practices in India.

You will learn to harness the full power of your breathing potential.. I am passionate about reaching as many people possible to stay calm and in flow. in a world that is becoming increasingly stressful.

When you practice the simple techniques demonstrated you will feel more energised and relaxed on a very deep level. A tool you can use every day to reset your nervous system which is linked to the immune system. Reclaim your true breath to bring more balance, vitality and joy.Everyone knows that we breathe to live. That breath gives us life. However not many of us realise we are not breathing efficiently and are not present in our bodies. Or that we are unconciously using our breath to repress and supress our emotions.

Which over time lead to illness and disease. Simply put our breath is a crucial indicator of physical, emotional and spiritual health and the impact it has on the quality of life is overlooked.

When people are stressed they often take shallow and rapid breaths which induce physiological changes like increased heart rate and and anxiety. By focusing on deep breathing and breath holding we calm the nervous system and reset the fear or flight response.

The benefits are many. Improves circulation,boosts immune system, digestive system, floods the cells with oxygen.energy and feelings of profound peace. And its right under your Nose.