Getting “Good Enough”

Naomi Newland

RESTFEST founder - Hypnotherapist, Solution focused Therapist, Confidence Coach

uflourish with Naomi

Getting “Good Enough”


Does your self-worth and esteem take a battering?  Do you have inner critic that works overtime? Would you love to look in mirror and be happy with what see?  Are you driven by perfectionism or guilt? Or held back by anxiety?

Naomi sees these big emotions come up time and time again with the female clients that she works with as a Hypnotherapist and Solution focused therapist.

The demands of modern living do nothing to help.  They only exaggerate the sinister side effect of compare-anoia!

In this practical workshop Naomi will guide the group through using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to begin to free yourself from these heavy emotions to leave you feeling more confident and in control of your feelings. These simple “tapping” techniques are an effective, powerful tool that can be taken away with you to help you get through all those sticky feelings and moments in day to day life.