Oversharing will set you free!

Grace Timothy

Journalist and author of Mum Face

Mum Face

Oversharing will set you free!


How being open and honest can help you and others in motherhood.

Grace is a writer and therefore is used to plumbing the depths of her experiences for content. But it was as a mother she realised how powerful sharing your deepest, darkest secrets with other women could be. Whether it’s the state of your fanny post-birth, the fact that you’re struggling a bit, or the story of your first post-baby spray tan when you squirted the beautician in the eye with breast milk (Just me?) – sharing your stories can be freeing, bonding and of course, out of the worst moments and spikiest taboos can come the funniest anecdotes. Laugh and let it go.

It can forge fast friendships in moments, and equally can signal when people might NOT be your potential tribe. It can unite you with strangers, fast-track you to the kind of friendships you so need when going through the ups and downs of motherhood. It’s can show you that actually we share a lot of the same feelings and that whatever you’re feeling, you’re not alone. And it can make you laugh til you wee.

Grace’s book MUM FACE is 295 pages of oversharing, and has opened up so many conversations she’s now a seasoned oversharer, leaving no stone unturned.

Join Grace for a relaxed chat about her own experiences and yours if you fancy sharing, with lots of laughs and possibly TMI.