Pelvic Power + Yoni Wisdom

Anja Brierley Lange

Women's Health + Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist

Yoga Embodied

Pelvic Power + Yoni Wisdom


This pelvic health and awareness workshop is for all women. Our focus is to reconnect to our sacred pelvis and pelvic floor. We will chat about a little anatomy, discussing our feminine physiology and the importance of caring for our pelvis and pelvic floor.

You will also learn to bring awareness to your pelvic floor. Getting to know where you have tension, lack of stability or lack of connection. Through practical exercises (that you can do anywhere) you will reconnect, strengthen or relax your pelvic floor muscles – both physical and emotional.

We will visualise our sacred pelvic bowl in a guided meditation learning to reconnect and listen to our yoni wisdom and the power of our foundation, roots and creative sensual pelvis. Learning to understand our anatomy gives us the power to take responsibility.