Poi Passion Poi – Flow In Around and Above me

Kate Wright

Choreographer, Performer and Workshop host

Poi Passion

Poi Passion Poi – Flow In Around and Above me


Do you want to get fit and try something new and fun? Poi! It can be tricky at first, knowing where to put your hands, trying not to get hit by Poi, so experienced teacher Kate will guide you through from beginners moves like cross-overs and butterfly, angel, bird to intermediate moves such as 5 beat forward and backward weaves and lock-outs.

For the Teachers, Poi has a much deeper level of understanding. Poi is not just utilising both sides of your brain and body to make it work. It is teaching the art of understanding the mind and how we can block ourselves with negative habits and patterns.

This workshop is for light minded people, who have a desire to change the way they think and feel about life and to discover the natural flow that lives within us.