Say it, sense it, see it – intention setting with heart

Hannah Morrish

Intention Imbedding

Hand Holding Human

Say it, sense it, see it – intention setting with heart


Through setting a heart-centred intention we send out our wish, our request, our dream and then trust it’s going to bounce right back, in the most wonderful way. Through connecting with our hearts, the most powerful magnet in our personal toolbox, we create a cosmic connection with an abundant universe.
Setting an intention is more than just writing an affirmation, it’s a multi-sensory experience, tuning into ourselves and feeling into our dream and desires, seeing it, using truthful and pure words to describe it, noticing that tingle in our body that confirms we are in true alignment and living on purpose.

Hannah will guide you through the practical steps of setting an intention with heart before guiding you on a multi-sensory and magical journey using gentle, yet powerful hypnotherapy and the heartmath breathing technique to support you making your intention a reality.

You’ll leave feeling calm, joyful and full to the brim with trust.