Declutter Your Mind – Create A Mindfulness Journal

Shirley Gain

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Declutter Your Mind – Create A Mindfulness Journal


Discover the benefits of mindful journaling as I guide you through the creation of your own mindfulness journal. The intention is for you to reflect on your own ways of being and thinking and to offer you the opportunity to explore how journaling can help you declutter your mind. Mindfulness offers positive strategies for bringing awareness to our thoughts. A journal is a wonderful tool for this purpose, enabling you to offload and organise your thoughts, to move from cluttered thinking to finding a sense of clarity and calm. The act of writing in itself enables you to occupy your right brain (creative, intuitive) state so journaling also offers important creative time out from the daily to do list. Bring a notebook or journal that you can dedicate to this purpose and join us for some mindful, calming creative expression and find out how journaling can enhance your wellbeing.