What Is Your ‘Story’? Is That Really Your Story?

Shirley Gain

What Is Your ‘Story’?

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What Is Your ‘Story’? Is That Really Your Story?


What Is Your ‘Story’? Is That Really Your Story

This wonderful quote from a poem by Mary Oliver, “what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” provides a perfect starting point for reflecting on 1) where you are in your life and 2) how you would like your life to be. Are the two positions aligned? In this workshop we will explore conscious living through powerful journaling prompts. Life can often divert us away from our dreams and passions, so we end up drifting through life. In your journals I will guide you in writing about your ‘why’ and whether the life you are living now reflects your core values and beliefs and is indicative of who you really are. Your insights will enable you to set heartfelt intentions and create a meaningful plan that will set you on your path of living your life authentically and being the conscious author of your ‘story’.