Wiggle for Wellness

Miss Polly Rae

Wiggle For Wellness

Miss Polly Rae Burlesque

Wiggle for Wellness


Wiggle For Wellness is a Female Empowerment and Body Positivity concept inspired by the art of Burlesque.

A “Bump and Grind for the mind”. 45 fabulous minutes of wiggles, conversation, shimmies and fun all combined together to inspire, energise and exhilarate.

Founder Miss Polly Rae believes that EVERY woman deserves to feel great about themselves. Everything you are right now is perfect and beautiful. Because it’s YOU. With a delicate but oh so fun and approachable method, Wiggle For Wellness encourages you to embrace your body, your power, your sensuality and your ability to love yourself through movement and word.

Burlesque is an artform that dates back to the late 18th Century. Traditionally Female – led it has evolved many times over the years and is now widely enjoyed by many as a celebration of the female form and as a gateway to self-confidence and self-love.

No experience or special ability necessary, as long as you identify as female and you are over 16, this is a class for you!