Amanda Waring

Amanda Waring

Empowering Cacao Ceremony and Shamanic Drumming Journey ,
Sussex Sweet Retreat

Shaman and Alchemical Chocolate Practioner

Amanda Waring is a Shaman, Healer, Ceremonialist and Alchemical Chocolate practitioner and Storyteller. For over thirty years she has led heart opening and empowering women’s workshops around the world and entranced audiences with her profound gift of storytelling and song.

Amanda lives a life of celebration and creativity and encourages clients to find their passion, joy and wonder.

She has trained with amazing mentors from many different cultures from the age of 8 years old. She set up the Healing lodge in West London and now runs the Sussex Sweet Retreat, a place of nurture creativity and healing for women.

Amanda regularly speaks on Tv about her campaigning and understanding of holistic end of life care as a soul midwife, filmmaker and celebrant too. Her award winning films and Book’s The Carer’s Bible and Heart of Care have been transforming care globally. Amanda is also a certified transcendence therapist, reiki master and red tent leader.

Enjoy Amanda‚Äôs special RESTFEST workshop called…..

Empowering Cacao Ceremony and Shamanic Drumming Journey

Join Alchemical Chocolate Practitioner and Shaman Amanda Waring for a delicious and empowering cacao ceremony . You will drink Sacred cacao which is beautifully heart opening and womb activating, enabling healing and emotional release. A shamanic drumming journey will allow you to integrate and discover the gifts revealed by Mama Cacao and help you step into your own unique power with greater passion and self compassion. Live your passion and let your passion live and let sacred chocolate and sacred drumming support you.