Annie Whittaker

Annie Crystal Healing

Annie Whittaker

The Vibrational Healing of Crystals ,
Reiki Crystal Candles Midhurst

Annie‘s heart has always been connected with Spirit and Mother Earth. Working as a psychic medium and healer since the 1980’s,

She soon discovered the magical healing vibrations of crystals and now uses them alongside her Reiki healing.

After progressing to¬†Reiki Master Teacher she went on to study with Eliana Harvey at Shamanka the School for Women’s Shamanism, gaining her Master Practitioner qualification.

This has enabled her to work with the ancient Shamanic healing traditions handed down by the Q’ero Shamans from Peru, renowned for their knowledge, wisdom and healing abilities.

At RESTFEST amazing Annie will be sharing a workshop entitled

The Vibrational Healing of Crystals

During this workshop Annie will introduce you to the magic of crystals and how their vibrational energies work with our Chakra’s.

Crystals are constantly healing and cleansing our energies, so Annie will instruct and demostrate how to cleanse and care for these wonderful gifts from Mother Earth.

Each person will be gifted a crystal and she will take you on a beautiful guided meditation to finish this wonderful gathering.