BounceandBurn Stress Buster' making fitness fun! ,
BounceandBurn WestSussex

BounceandBurn WestSussex was created 3 years ago by Debbie Balls and Kelly Osborne

They run 9 classes throughout the week within our local community, where we endeavour to make these classes accessible to everyone regardless of age , size and fitness level .

Who are BounceandBurn WestSussex?  Debbie – a qualified Gym and Group exercise Instructor who has worked in various gyms before training as a Rebound Instructor. Kelly – maintains a managerial position within an Acquiring bank but has always had a continuous passion for fitness hence becoming a Rebound Instructor.  Having taught and participated an several different types of fitness classes, they both agree that Rebounding is by far our favourite for that all over body workout!

Debbie & Kelly will be bringing along their rebounders (Mini Trampolines) for a special Bounce and Burn session called…..

BounceandBurn Stress Buster’ making fitness fun!

BounceandBurn is a high energy / low impact workout with lots of amazing health benefits.

Burns calories

Reduces cellulite

Improves lymphatic drainage

Improves cardiovascular fitness

Improve core/balance Relieves Stress

Will challenge your body

Strengthens the pelvic floor

Boosts energy levels

And best of all will make you SMILE while getting a full body workout! Its guaranteed to be the most fun you’ll have working out!