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Cat Plummer master your money

Cat Plummer

Master Your Money ,
Cat Plummer, Financial Empowerment Coach

Cat is a certified financial empowerment coach on a one-woman mission to free you from money worry. She has a no-BS approach to help you get your money shizzle sorted – for good. Cat knows what happens when you try to live a Champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget and can help you change how you feel about your finances, break destructive habits and kickstart your journey to absolute financial empowerment.

Cat will be hosting super informative and inspiring workshop at RESTFEST all about….

Master Your Money

Everyone has emotional blocks when it comes to money and these blocks can cause problems in many areas of your life.

If you’re concerned that you are overspending, or you’re happier to talk about sex rather than money then this workshop is for you!

Stop living a half life full of stress and worry, it’s tiring. Learn to master your mindset and take back your life!

Cat will cover the following topics:
-Discover what money blocks are and how they affect you
-How to improve your relationship with money
-Understand your existing habits and how to create better ones