Cheryl Rickman

Cheryl Rickman

Flourish Everyday ,
Flourish Handbook

Author & Positive Psychology Practitioner

Cheryl Rickman has written 16 books on flourishing in life and business over the past 14 years. Having experienced the loss of her mother as a teenager and the loss of her father a few years ago, Cheryl now devotes her life to helping others to make the most of each moment of theirs.

Aged eight, Cheryl knew she wanted to a) help people and b) write books, so she sometimes pinches herself about getting to write helpful how-to books for a living. Cheryl is also a qualified Positive Psychology Practitioner and Ambassador of Well-being for the Network of Well-being.

Cheryl will be hosting this interactive workshop at RESTFEST

Flourish Everyday

What if you were able to let go of the feeling that you’re not good enough and accept who you are, as you are?

What if you were able to find balance between doing more of what matters most, with what needs to be done?

What if you were able to replace your inner critic with an inner friend and take yourself from stressed out and triggered to instantly calm?

In this ABC of Flourishing(TM) and Everyday Serenity workshop, Positive Psychology Practitioner and Author of The Happiness Bible, The Little Book of Resilience and The Little Book of Serenity, Cheryl Rickman teaches you how to flourish by bringing more Acceptance, Balance and Compassion into your daily life.

There’ll be singing and dancing, writing and drawing in this 3-part-workshop and participants will come away with an ‘I am good enough’ self-portrait and lemonade ‘ingredients list’ with a difference