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Dee Bodle, Company Founder and Director of The Body Suite and The Bodeswell Academy

I started my career training as a professional dancer, however due to a car accident and the long term struggles with the spinal condition and endometriosis, I had to leave that behind. I found Pilates shortly after my dance career came to an end and have been working in the Industry for nearly 20 years. I opened my Pilates studio in 2007 and my newest adventure, The Bodeswell Teacher Training Academy, with my partner in 2018.

As well as teacher training, I work with clients at The Body Suite to assist in back pain and injuries. I have trained with Carolyne Anthony since 2007, refining the deep understanding of the women’s physical challenges and changes through their years, and now work with women on a private basis for pre and post natal and beyond, along with offering regular women’s health workshops.

This has led to, my first official ‘Pre and Post Natal’ Level 3 teacher training course which launches in 2020 with The Bodeswell Academy, and requests as a guest teacher in North Carolina to work with Physical Therapists and Pilates teachers.

Dee will be offering a super informative workshop at RESTFEST called

The Pelvis and your Posture

In this workshop we discuss the relationship between the Pelvis, Pelvic Floor and the Posture. We educate ourselves by looking at the role of the Pelvic Floor in everyday terms and explore the challenges we face with this subject as women. The pelvis, posture, weak bladder, abdominal connections, back pain, neck pain, head aches, pelvic pain, hysterectomy and surgery are some of the subjects we delve into.

Opening our minds to possibilities, what’s really going on physically with posture and muscle control in relation to these challenges and how they all interconnect. This is where we can move forward with insight, mindfulness and move aside the myths of what we should or shouldn’t be doing with our bodies in order to remove the stickie plasters in order to cope with everyday life.

This workshop is for every woman and intended to open minds, be exploratory, share information, take back the control and empower, bringing the body its own answers as every body will have its own journey.