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Donna Hay

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I’m Donna, founder the UK’s first non-fiction, book subscription box for women, WILDWOMAN.  The ultimate self care package brought to your doorstep every single month.


Well as someone who has suffered my own mental health challenges including common anxiety disorder and a  sustained period of grief, I found books to be the cure for me.

Books have helped me out of some of the most difficult and darkest times of my life. I found it difficult to talk about my feelings, but sometimes it was like the words on the pages were talking to me and understood me more than I understood myself. The words became my guide. My healing.

Without the words on these pages to inspire and empower me I truly believe my own journey could have been very different.

My vision for WILDWOMAN began in those days of darkness…

And now I am proud and excited to introduce to you these little monthly packages of self care and self love.

WILDWOMAN is for every woman craves that connection with others, but most importantly with themselves.

It’s a positive, self-care package every month that I hope will empower and inspire you.

As an official RESTFEST partner Donna will be hosting 7, yes Seven WILDWOMAN themed workshops from her very own Festival Tent on the lawns.

10am – Workshop with Sarah Walton  – 
11am – Your Miracle Morning
How you can make time for just you in as little as 2 hours a day? And you don’t HAVE to be a morning person to make this happen.
After this workshop you will have gained:
– An understanding of what Miracle Mornings are and how it they can benefit you
– An understanding of The Miracle Morning SIX Step Process
– A plan of action to create your own Miracle Morning dependent on your schedule
– The Miracle Morning Commitment – a commitment to yourself to motivate you over the next 30 days
12noon – Your Big Bold Book Plan with Siobhan Curham 

They say that everyone has a book in them, but it can be really hard finding the courage, time and drive to write. In this workshop with the award-winning author of 28 books, Siobhan Curham, you will learn how to overcome creative blocks and fears and find the focus and inspiration to write the book you were born to – whether fiction or non-fiction. 

2pm – Principles of Playing Big
Donna will be taking us through a ‘Principles of Playing Big’ workshop, delving into some of her favourite books including Playing Big by Tara Mohr, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Brave New Girl by Chloe Brotheridge. Together we will be redefining what it means to be a ‘Play Big’ in the 21st century and how we can use our intuitive wisdom as women to live a level 10 life with absolute confidence.
After this workshop you will have gained:
– An understanding of what it means to Play Big 
– An understanding of the 7 key principles of Playing Big
– An action plan tailored to you to help you Play Big
3pm – Workshop with Jessica Huie 
Experience the power of storytelling and self-care with our WILDWOMAN sharing circle. 45 minutes for you to journal, reflect, take a step back and share the events and lightbulb moments of your day at RESTFEST. Share gratitude, empower, inspire, listen, connect. 
5pm – TBC – Another Author Session