Emma Baynes

Emma Baynes

Menstrual Balance ,
Emmas Herbal Clinic

Emma gained an honours degree in herbal medicine after completing a four-year degree at Middlesex University. She joined The National Institute of Medical Herbalists in 2005 which is the oldest professional organisation of practising medical herbalists worldwide and provides continued professional development for its members.

She has been practising in Chichester since 2005 and has recently joined a practise in East Preston working in conjunction with another Herbalist.

She is passionate about raising awareness of the safe use of herbal medicine and believes herbs are the medicine of the people, so regularly leads herb walks, talks and workshops.


Emma will be hosting a super informative workshop at RESTFEST titled….


This workshop focuses on 3 or 4 herbs which are useful for common menstrual imbalances such as pain and heaviness. So many women experience and accept these symptoms as normal. I hope to empower woman so they can stop dreading period time. I would like ladies to leave feeling they could, if necessary, try these herbs and if they need further support know a consultation with a herbalist can offer that. I will also give an overview of other diet and lifestyle changes and bodily systems that need supporting, to help achieve lasting changes to these common imbalances. These herbs are also a starting point to treat ladies with more complicated conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids and perimenopause and possible to try while seeking further advice. Safety and any possible drug interaction information will be provided. I will offer tasters of the herbs in tea, juice or tincture form.