Emma Fullwood

emma fullwood

Emma Fullwood

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Emma Fullwood

Fitness Instructor and Health Coach

I’m Emma a 42 year old single mom and business owner of a successful fitness and wellbeing company called Supercharged Club. At 42 I feel healthier in my body and mind than ever before and my passion is to help other busy women thrive.

My saying is “age in health” and future proofing your health is a huge priority to me.

I run online well being programmes that offer lifestyle upgrades as well as face to face small group courses and personal coaching programmes to help women feel amazing in their bodies.


Emma will be running an insightful workshop at RESTFEST…..

Ageless Body – Preparing your body for your best years yet!

Lets prepare our bodies for menopause. The 10 years before menopause known as peri-menopause is a particularly good time to start focusing on your health. Menopause isn’t a disease yet its spoken about like it is. Lets prepare our bodies for what could potentially be our best years yet! Instead of living with symptoms this workshop will help you build your own midlife health squad. Focus will be on * Nutrition and exercise * Future proofing the ageing process * Destressing with Life Laundry techniques that don’t feel like another chore on the forever increasing “to do” list