Emma Mumford aka Spiritual Queen

Emma Mumford AKA Spiritual Queen

Emma Mumford aka Spiritual Queen

Manifest Abundance ,
Emma Mumford aka Spiritual Queen

Emma Mumford a.k.a Spiritual Queen is an award-winning life coach & mentor, blogger, YouTuber, speaker and best-selling author. Emma is the host of the popular Podcast ‘Spiritual Queen’s Badass Podcast’ and also has her own Law of Attraction merchandise available on her website.


Emma will be hosting this incredible workshop at RESTFEST…..

Manifest Abundance

After manifesting her dream life using the law of attraction including the dream man, successful businesses, a book deal, becoming debt free, her dream house and selling her previous business. Emma thought she’d completed her dream life list and would now be able to stop, feel complete and live her life. Expect none of these things she’d manifested truly made her feel complete or fulfilled and she realised it had all became one big checklist. This sparked a deep inner journey for Emma to learn how to re-define her version of wealth and bring her previous money-saving expertise into her spiritual work to help her followers and readers create harmonious spiritual relationships with money and wealth. Emma will be delivering a workshop on how to do just this, she will teach you the channeled steps of how to really feel wealthy and teach you daily practises on how to create sustainable wealth in all areas of your life.