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Gemma Barry

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I’m Gem I run the well woman project, I’m all over kicking period problems in the butt naturally.

I have endometriosis and adenomyosis and after being told I would either need a lifetime of medications or a hysterectomy I decided to find my own path with my health and I’m now a woman who has very boring periods. I help other women achieve boring periods wherever they are in their journey with periods. I’m a qualified herbalist and mizan therapist and I work with women around the world helping them find their way back to freedom from crap periods and all the drama that goes with that. I’m a straight talking potty mouth who likes to bust myths about all things women’s health, I’ve worked in health all my life starting out as a nurse and now a complete natural healer, I’m very passionate about learning how to work with our bodies rather than against them.

My talk at RESFEST is going to be about the 5 most common period problems and the herbs that can help with them.