Georgie Kirwan-Ferreira

Art workshop host

Georgie Kirwan-Ferreira

Defrazzle & Dazzle ,
Mellow Mumma

Aka Mellow Mumma, Soulful Subconscious Therapist

Intuitively healing, guiding & empowering Women and Teens to make powerful changes within their thoughts, feelings, inner and outer worlds. Using a beautiful and carefully crafted cocktail of soulfully creative visualisation (NLP), gentle, compassionate, yet mind blowing eye movement (IEMT) and blissfully deep journeys into magical worlds where anything is possible (Clinical Hypnotherapy). The awesome humans I connect with will lovingly shift unwelcome emotions, limiting believes, trauma, anxiety, depression and so much more, effectively and quickly allowing them to live a life of glorious technicolour sparkle.

At RESTFEST Georgie will be offering a workshop called Defrazzle and Dazzle…..

Your heavenly dose of strength, positivity and blissfully deep, profound relaxation. Delve into your wise and wild imagination to compassionately release and set free any unwelcome feelings, memories, and emotions that you’re ready to rise way up and above.

Lovingly ask your incredible subconscious how it feels today, in this moment, thank it for its positive intentions and for keeping you safe, and then give yourself permission to be guided into a world of full of light, wonder and magical sparkle. This empowering and uplifting hypnosis session will allow you to leap, dance and set your soul alight, it’ll ensure you leave feeling lighter, brighter and dazzling like the beautiful shining star that you are.