Jeanine Brownrigg Hanneman

Jeanine Brownrigg Hanneman

Awakening to Colour through the Chakras ,
Aura-Soma Beyond Colour

Aura-Soma Registered Practitioner and Energy Healer

I have been an Aura-Soma practitioner since 1996 when I began my training in the Aura-Soma Beyond Colour system.

I am also a practitioner in Meridian Energy Therapies (Emotional Freedom Technique and Energy in Motion), Reiki, Swedish Body Massage and Indian Head Massage. Energy healing is a powerful way to release negative emotions restoring balance and wellbeing to the mind body and soul.

Jeanine is hosting a wonderful workshop at RESTFEST called…..

Aura-Soma Beyond Colour – Awakening to Colour through the Chakras

This unique workshop offers insight into the transformative power of colour through the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles and the seven major chakras in the human body.

Working through each chakra and its corresponding colour, we will explore the mental, emotional and physical levels of human experience.

You will leave knowing yourself at a deeper level with an understanding of how the vibration of colour can restore balance to your chakras, transform and uplift your mind body and spirit with a sense of vitality and wellbeing.

Choose your favourite bottle and feel the vibration of colour through your aura using a corresponding Pomander to cleanse and uplift your energy field.