Kate Wright

Kate Wright

Choreographer, Performer and Workshop host ,
Poi Passion

I have spent years developing my passion in choreography, Dance, Acts with fire, Stilt performance and Glow props, allowing me to become an established Performer, Teacher, workshop leader, choreographer and Director.

I became the choreographer of the Poi Passion Dance Troupe in 2005 -2011 and worked with a strong troupe of performers, and I continue to choreograph shows and performances for events across the UK. I am well respected for my love, dedication and for my methods of teaching and sharing knowledge in the arts of poi dance, fire performance, flow, circus skills, breath works, meditation and yin yoga. As a Workshop facilitator and teacher and I have had the pleasure of stage managing many performances including our very own “The Circus Chronicle” (Circus Seen 2012/13/14 Worthing Theatres).

I have had some great opportunities to work with not only my own talented clients (for workshops, personal performance and corporate events), but some of the U.K’s top entertainment agencies on events such as festivals, T.V shows, stage shows and radio, both in UK and working abroad! I have enjoyed working in many different communities, towns, city and countries.

My passion for developing self-creative flow and the creativity of others keeps me alive. I hope you always feel touched when you have been in my presence with my close and characteristic personality. I feel I have touched the souls of the many people I have met, I enjoy being part of the world change in conscience and making a difference in the lives of the people I meet through teaching and performance. My Dyslexia used to hold me back and I was labelled as having special needs; the only special need I have is to use my creative right Brain and to work with others in sharing this joy!