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Kelly Pretty

Releasing Attachments ,
Kelly Pretty

Kelly Pretty is a spiritual leader, speaker and best-selling author helping people
around the world to connect to their truth.

Kelly helps people to release what is holding them back and connect to their truth, soul and inner guide. Happiness doesn’t come from money, success or status which she has learnt through her own experience, so she loves to help others connect to their true happiness and inner power.

Kelly has spoken at some of the largest personal development events in the world including The Best You EXPO, The Mindful Living Show, Alternatives and the Super Self Summit. She is also an online expert for Psychologies Lifelabs, was interviewed on Good Morning LALA Land and has been featured on numerous podcasts.

In 2019 Kelly launched her new brand with Aisha Carrington called Be Chilled AF which is a luxurious and fresh approach to spirituality.

Kelly will be hosting a super powerful workshop at RESTFEST called……

Releasing Attachments

“I will tell my story that forced me to stop, surrender and release all my attachments. Having been a corporate country manager I knew what it was to hustle. When I started my business in January 2017 in personal development, I found myself in another hustle apart from this one was much lonelier. Even though from the outside everything looked like it was going so well something didn’t feel right. By the time Nov 2018 came I had spent £60,000 and hit rock bottom feeling lonely, depressed and useless. This dark time ended up being one of the most beautiful, transitionary periods of my life though as I released all attachments which led to finding true happiness within.

After speaking I will be leading a powerful releasing meditation. This meditation will start with connection to spirit, universe, god (whatever resonates with you) and getting everyone to be present and connect to their inner wisdom. Then we will move into a visualisation healing releasing attachments as if they are on a cobweb and we are blowing them away. Knowing that when we blow them away they won’t leave us but we will be healing our need to have them and see them as completing us. We will feel whole on our own”