Lucy Rowett

Lucy Rowett

Tantric Secrets ,
Juice and Jasmine

Luct Rowett is a Sex, Intimacy, and Relationship Coach and Clinical Sexologist. She is passionate about empowering women to release shame, embrace pleasure, and fall in love with their bodies again. She loves opening the conversation about sex to make it less taboo, hidden, and scary.

As a professional member of WASC and ASIS, she is fully certified and insured and committed. She is the founder of Brighton Sexuality Professionals, the UK’s only inter-disciplinary meetup and group for all professionals who work with sexuality.

At RESTFEST Lucy will be offering a workshop called…..

Tantric secrets for more pleasure, intimacy, and connection

The secret to having more pleasure isn’t aiming for bigger and more intense experiences, it’s something you can cultivate at any time. Whatever you’ve heard about Tantra, it can give you a juicy framework for connecting more deeply with yourself, and then with your partner.

I’ll show you how you can use simple exercises with your breath, energy, and movement to experience more pleasure than you thought possible.