Mary-Rose Lobo

Mary-Rose Lobo

Facial Massage ,

Mary the founder of SKINIRVANA suffered from eczema and rosacea in her twenties, and formulated her Pure Bliss beauty oils to primarily heal her own skin. After setting up a facial salon in South East London in 2014, Mary relocated to Hove where she now teaches others how to heal their skin naturally through skin care coaching and an online facial massage programme. Mary has a holistic approach to skin health that focuses on the three tenets of self care: nourish, protect and maintain.

At RESTFEST Mary will be offering a practical workshop titled……

Transform your skin with a dedicated skin care coach! Forget Botox and other invasive procedures – everything you need for youthful, toned skin is right at your fingertips.

Mary-Rose Lobo will teach you a simple and effective facial massage routine to incorporate into your daily skin care or self-care regimen. During the Face Sculpt workshop, attendees will learn an easy-to-follow and effective facial massage routine to lift, tone and sculpt the visage with no chemicals or devices.