Meghan Field

Meghan Field

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Meghan Field

Meghan Field is a Qoya teacher and empowerment activist who lives in Surrey, where she works as a consultant to tackle violence against women and girls, sings in an all-female trio and offers well-being and empowerment classes, rituals and workshops for women.

Meghan believes that everything we need is within us. Her purpose is to help women remember who we are before the world told us who we should be. She is committed to supporting women to feel deeply and move from pressure to pleasure in real, daily ways – most importantly listening to our bodies through movement and through staying connected to our cyclical nature. Through all of her work, Meghan reminds us to slow down, get clear on who we are, honour our unique voices and step into our power.

Meghan has been sharing her passion and energy at every RESTFEST and you can experience the power of her presence at her workshop (Honour Your Voice, Step Into Your Power), at the Qoya dance party she co-hosts with Kate Taylor, during the Restfest Closing Ceremony and also during the Golden Goddess evening for an extra-special candlelit ritual.

Catch Meghan in her main workshop….

Honour Your Voice – Step Into Your Power 

Join Meghan for an immersive experience into the world of movement, ritual and creative practices designed to support you in reclaiming your true voice – the one that whispers to you from your soul – and stepping into your power.

In this workshop, Meghan will guide you through a transformational session in which you will pause, listen and reflect on your true essence, based on aligning with how you want to feel and listening to the messages your body has for you. You will be invited to speak that truth into power – to use your voice and be clear on who you are and how you want to be every day – bringing the benefits from the workshop beyond RESTFEST and into your daily life.

Allowing yourself to go on the longest journey – the 6 inches from your head to your heart – in order to feel and tune into to the sacred within you, gives you the choice to live in alignment with your soul’s unique purpose. And with that clarity and choice comes power. Come and explore the power of YOUR soul’s extraordinary voice with Meghan at Restfest.