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Melanie Maelo

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Mel Maelo

I hail from a strong counselling background (11 years). In 2002 began upskilling to psychotherapy, art therapy and have since included a great deal of energy psychology which is my passion. I have had a private practice for 4 years with my clinic in Shoreham for the past 2 years. As we are all unique individuals, I like to make use of a combination of effective, creative techniques assisting my clients to develop the skills they need to facilitate their own transformation. I enjoy using a creative, proven blend of therapies incorporating conscious processes, changes to subconscious patterns, engaging powerful emotions and behaviours connected to the body and mind also assisting clients, where necessary, to come to an understanding of the mind-body connection.

Part of the ‘tool kit’ that Mel Maelo draws from are therapies such as Human Givens, NLP, VK – Rewind technique, EMDR, Colour Therapy, Energy Psychology including Chakra work, Past Life Regression, Gestalt & Parts Therapy, Picture Tapping, Reiki, Energy Healing, Meditation, CBT, Transactional Analysis and Soul Retrieval.

At RESTFEST Mel will be offering a workshop titled 

Your body map is your perception, understanding and experience of your own body. Sometimes we have a fairly accurate sense of our body map but what is your perception of your ‘body-mind’ and how it works? Body Mapping is a creative therapeutic process involving simple art relating to the body and emotions combined with expressive movement and EFT. During this session Mel will help you come to a deeper understanding of how the mind and body are one and should therefore be treated as such when addressing physical and/or emotional and mental needs or problems. What will you get out of it? a) Self-help for everyday problems using EFT b) A deeper understanding and clearer perception of why your body-mind responds and reacts the way it does to external/internal stimuli, helping you take more control of your own wellbeing