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Naomi Newland

Slay Your Inner Critic ,
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Naomi’s true passion is helping women turn on their inner light to shine bright.

She works with women to help them let go of the bullshit stories they’ve been holding onto, to evolve into their true potential.

As a the founder of RESTFEST and also a mother of three little people. A firm believer in leading by example Naomi has learnt how to make friends with her inner bully to start living her dream life which included taking her family out of school and across Greece for a 4 month adventure in 2019.

3 years ago Naomi was sick of being unfulfilled, bored and broke and decided to start living life on her own terms.

Naomi loves to help women on their personal development journeys to discover their own version of joy & inspiration.

She spent a year retraining in 2016 as a Hypnotherapist and Solution focused therapist, later adding EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping) to her tool kit.

Without this training RESTFEST and her travelling dreams would have remained just that.

But Naomi worked thorough her limiting beliefs and learnt new ideas to become a woman who “went went for it” rather than one who dreamt about it.

Experience her high vibe energy and discover her potent mix of powerful mindset tricks and habit & behaviour smashing hacks at RESTFEST during the special opening & closing ceremonies and workshops.

Naomi will be hosting a practical workshops at RESTFEST

Slay Your Inner Critic using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping)

Every woman knows that voice, don’t they?

That repetitive, loud inner bully inside our heads.  That inner dialogue that’s like a permanent radio broadcast telling us why we aren’t good enough, who do we think we are? Reminding us of our failures, catastrophising all the “what ifs”…..

The truth is…. It exists within 99% of people on this planet.   Our inner critic is there to keep us safe.  To encourage you to play small and familiar.  Even the most successful people on the planet have this voice….. they’ve just learnt how to quieten it.

Within this interactive workshop, Naomi will explain how you can learn to turn the volume down and focus on what we really want without the voice getting in the way!

Naomi loves the power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to break down emotional triggers and limiting beliefs – to start living a life that you don’t want to escape from and with your inner critic slayed and under control.

Be prepared to let go of old ideas and step into a sparkly new way of looking at life.

Are you ready?