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.Naomi Newland

Dream Believe Achieve ,

Naomi’s true passion is helping women turn on their inner light to shine bright.

She works with women to help them let go of the bullshit stories they’ve been holding onto, to evolve into their true potential.

As a the founder of RESTFEST and also a mother of three little people, she’s currently remote working whilst educating her children on a family travel adventure in Europe which is a dream come true!

2.5 years ago Naomi was sick of being overwhelmed, unfulfilled and broke and decided to start living life on her own terms.

Naomi loves to help women on their personal development journeys to discover their own version of joy & inspiration.

She spent a year retraining in 2016 as a Hypnotherapist and Solution focused therapist, later adding EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping) to her tool kit.

Without this training RESTFEST and her travelling dreams would have remained just that.

But Naomi worked thorough her limiting beliefs and learnt new ideas to become a woman who “went went for it” rather than one who dreamt about it.

Experience her high vibe energy and discover her potent mix of powerful mindset tricks and habit & behaviour smashing hacks at RESTFEST during the special opening & closing ceremonies and workshops.


Naomi will be hosting a two practical workshops at RESTFEST – The second one is


Learn from Naomi’s experience of jetting off to live a summer in the sun whilst remote working and home schooling her family.

The summer of 2019 has been Naomi’s fantasy life – one that she could have let slipped by….

Naomi will share the Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching techniques that she’s developed into daily habits to get her head in the right place to make this her living reality.

Dream job as a Hypnotherapist / Festival organiser,  Dream life-style travelling through Europe whilst remote working, Dream parenting with children by her side for 6 months.    All consciously crafted, planned for and practised great gratitude for

Let Naomi guide you through this personal development experience to get you believing you can achieve your dreams too.

“If one woman can, any woman can.”

For a full 3 hour experience of Naomi’s coaching course – Look at the Golden Goddess Restfest ticket which includes a 3 hour Dream Believe Achieve workshop on Monday after RESTFEST to begin to rediscover what your dreams REALLY are, tailor make your own personalised vision board and learn about creative visualisation and self-hypnosis to help your self confidence to believe that ANYTHING is possible.  This will be a full-on 3 hour coaching experience that will leave you buzzing with anticipation for the next chapter of your personal life book, with you firmly in control of writing the plot.