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Nic Naish

Its in your DNA ,

By the age of 48 Nic realised that all the struggles, qualifications, careers and health conditions she’d experienced had contributed perfectly to the making of Bandana. In 2016 she opened the Bandana studio in Tarring Road, West Worthing and has helped numerous clients understand both what is happening to their body and, what their body needs to reset the balance and improve health, fitness and even sporting prowess.
Through a combination of science and consultation, Nic’s clients can benefit from both her naturopathic nutrition advice and her level 4 physical training knowledge.
Her own experience of overcoming cancer means the cancer rehabilitation she offers her clients is both science based yet empathetic.


“Bandana is a breath of fresh air to those people at their wit’s end with health struggles, both mentally and physically.”
Nic is hosting a workshop at RESTFEST called….

Its in your DNA

Remove the guess work about your health and learn how you can adapt the right lifestyle to suit your genes.
Many people view others’ “successes” and expect the same results from the same foods and exercise routines will give them the same results.
Why should it when your generic make up is as individual as your finger print?
Learn about how your DNA affects your nutrition and exercise.  Using genetic data to reach your health and wellness goals faster with out the guess work.